Best SEO Tips To Rank Your E-Commerce High In Search Engines

Thursday / February 28, 2019 Syed Ahmad

For an online business to be successful, it is necessary to design your website in a way that attracts maximum traffic towards your website. There are many ways a web owner can generate more traffic on his website.

There are two types of results when a search is made through a search engine: ‘Sponsored’ and ‘Organic.’

One of the most popular ways to generate traffic is to advertise on your website by paying the search engine companies such as Google, Yahoo! and Bling. By paying for such kind of advertisement, your website will appear on the top of a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) in the list of sponsored results. Your website will show up in the top results even if it does not have enough relevant material.

Another way to have your website on the top of a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is one very popular method to generate traffic towards your website. This is a way which does not include paying huge amounts to the search engines. All you need to do is optimize your website according to the search engine and your website will appear on the top of organic search results.

You must know that a major fraction of the population, when searching, selects the websites that appear in the organic result and not the sponsored. Getting this organic traffic on your website is the real success and will make a huge difference for your company.

A powerful SEO is what you need to generate organic traffic on your website.

So, what has to be done? How can you bring Organic Traffic on Your Website?

Well, our unique SEO Tips can help you boost your organic traffic and sales!

Step # 01: The Structure of the Site

The structure of the site is the most important factor that allows more traffic towards your website. A properly designed website with a user-friendly interface is a must. Here are some simple tips that you can follow to attain that perfect website structure.

  1. Make sure that your e-commerce store is on HTTPS. Here is the HTTP to HTTPS Migration guide for you! What it does is that it helps in the protection of the customer information. It is trusted by big companies such as Google and also helps improve the SEO of your website.
  2. The speed what you need to focus on majorly as it is essential for e- commerce SEO. The page load time of your website is directly proportional to the bounce rate.
  3. In today’s era, mobile phones have become multi-purpose, people tend to do everything using their phones. Today the mobile accounts for almost half of the digital e-commerce revenue. Make sure that you optimize your website for mobile phones.
  4. Your peak season is just around the corner? It is the time that you begin building high-quality backlinks. This will not only boost the organic traffic towards your e-commerce site but will also boost the website rank.
  5. Meta descriptions play a key role in raising the CTRs on organic search, therefore, the Meta description needs to be compelling as well as attractive. Meta Keywords Importance
  6. The content and the keywords must be different for each category available on your e-commerce store. Each category must be treated as an individual homepage and there must be a separate navigation for each section.
  7. The URLs must be structured in a user-friendly and most importantly, Google-friendly way.
  8. Add keyword in the title tag and it should not include more than 70 characters. Optimizing Title Tag makes your website more search engine friendly.
  9. Have a product on the list that you do not provide anymore? 301-redirect the URL to a newer product page this will transfer all SEO value to the new product page.
  10. To help the visually impaired or blind people to understand the images on your website, do add ALT tags to all of your images. Along with this is also helps in improving the SEO as it can make robots scan the alt text. Image Alternate Text
  11. The option of live chat. Live chat boosts your conversion rate and has untapped potential for your business.
  12. Make use of anchor text to rank your website pages for intended keywords.
  13. An about us page must be included as it gives Google more context about which industries you’re in and what products you sell.
  14. The internal linking and the site structure can be enhanced with the use of e-commerce breadcrumbs. e-commerce breadcrumbs
  15. Long-tail keywords have the capability to drive 20,000 more organic searches per month towards your website.
  16. Your homepage must include suggestions of products that are popular.
  17. Make the URLs short and clean.
  18. To make sharing your website easier, include social integrations on the pages. Social Integrations
  19. To increase the organic CTR on your website using terms like “buy online” help a lot. As these terms give the user the idea of how they can get your product before they even click.
  20. Header tags help in improving the HTML structure.
  21. The name of the product must be added to the meta titles to make searching easy for the user. Meta Titles
  22. The websites which have a strong security arrangement are given higher authority by Google; therefore you must activate an SSL certificate.
Step # 02: Content

The next step is to focus on the content of your e-commerce webpage. It is one of the most important factors that help in improving the SEO. Follow these simple steps for the perfect content for your website:

  1. For maximization of the page CTR phrases like “Free Shipping”, “On Sale” helps a lot.
  2. A minimum of 1000-word content must be present on each product page which must have the keyword mentioned at least 3-5 times.
  3. Adding more text is important as without text, Google has no way to rank you.
  4. Add comparison of different trending products in your niche. Different Trending Products Comparison
  5. Use power words and make product descriptions compelling.
  6. Blog posts must also be included.
  7. Holiday gift guides also help in increasing tons of organic traffic to your site. According to a recent study, Search drives the maximum traffic to the website.
  8. The user-generated content must be featured for better product descriptions for an influential SEO.
  9. Head-to- head product reviews must be added in which you compare your product with a competitor product. Head-to-head Comparison With Competitors
  10. A proper structure must be followed while preparing content for each product page.
  11. On each step of the buying procedure, make sure to add customized content such as benefits of that particular product.
  12. Product demo videos can significantly improve the SEO and generate more organic traffic towards your website.
Step # 03: Promotion and Marketing.

Promotion and marketing are very important factors to increase the audience and the sales on an e-commerce website. Here are some tips that you can use for the promotion and marketing of your business and products.

  1. A major fraction of consumers trusts the social proof.
  2. Using the last-touch bias technique, paid search.
  3. The aggregate schema markup must be used to get star-based reviews. Aggregate Schema Markup
  4. Make sure you share your content to improve your organic rank through linking. Here are Google’s top 3 search ranking factors.
  5. Get your products reviewed by popular bloggers.
  6. Buyer review must be encouraged at all times. Buyer Review Encouragement
  7. Use of consistent branding. This will lead to an increase in the organic CTR and will help in improving the Website’s SEO ranking.
  8. The guest blogging strategy can help drive more traffic and links back to your site. This will help create awareness about your brand.
  9. Unbiased review content must be used for your blog surrounding the products.
  10. An affiliate program helps in getting bloggers writing about and promoting your products on your website.
  11. To increase the click-through rate on organic results and to give better product descriptions, make use of rich snippets. Rich Snippets Use
  12. The broken link-building strategy must be used to acquire more links fast.
  13. Natural links are highly appreciated by Google and this is what helps your website appear at the top of organic search results.
  14. To get a link on a high-authority site you can also sponsor a local event or conference.
  15. Make sure that your website is listed on review sites and applications.
  16. Also, you can participate in Reddit forums related to the products that are available in your e-commerce store.

These are the simple steps and tips that you can use to optimize your website according to the search engine requirements. Search engine optimization can be hectic and a really tough job but an experienced digital marketing expert can make it easy for you. You can always hire my services and trust my expertise with it.

The Tools:

All of the above mentioned SEO tolls are great but worry not; you don’t have to do them all alone. There are various tools that can help optimize your website. By automating optimization, these tools make SEO an easier and faster task.

Here are some of the tools used to optimize automation:
  1. Google Shopping
  2. Google TrendsGoogle Trends
  3. Crazy Egg F
  4. Search Console
  5. Ecommerce Tracking
  6. AdWords Keyword Planner
  7. Moz’s Open Site Explorer
  8. Install Yoast SEO Plugin
  9. Use LSI Keyword Generator
  10. Siteliner Siteliner
  11. AddThis
  12. Pinterest
  13. Readable Measure Readability
  14. ScreamingFrog
  15. Biteable
  16. Canva
  17. Amazon suggestions Amazon Suggestions
  18. Keyword Tool Dominator
  19. Quick Sprout
  20. Quora
  21. Google’s free Mobile Testing Tool
  22. Raven Tools

I am a digital marketing expert who prefers quality over quantity. For me, customer satisfaction has always been a priority and I ensure that all my clients are satisfied with my work. I am an expert professional and that very well reflects in my work. I carry out all the marketing strategies keeping in view the best interests of my clients.


Search engine optimization takes a good chunk of time and patience. There is not a magic wand that you can twist and bring your site up on Google’s first page. SEO tips are a set of 360 degree efforts which only starts from back-linking, keyword research, proper keyword density, relevant content, proper meta-description and a lot more. With the help of several tools and an expert digital marketing expert, you can make your life easier. Never forget that content is the building block of all your marketing strategies. Hence, always do keep your core focus on your content.

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